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Friday, June 23, 2023 8 am - 11 am

Business, Banking, and Finance in Chemistry

Organized by Joel Sabol of Chemical Consulting

Participants engage in small group discussion on topics of interest to chemical professionals in industry and the commercial sector. The agenda includes introductions, a speaker presenting information on business development, then small group discussion. A list of topics will be proposed and each group has 20-30 minutes before reporting their comments to the entire group. At least a second round, or more, time permitting.

The intention is peer group discussions among start-ups, small, and growing chemical businesses; attendees can be from a variety of sectors and include non-competitive, complimentary partnerships, and potentially competitive players.

Room set-up for 3-hr with rounds of six or eight, 24 chairs. 30 minute pre-event, 2 hour event, and 30 minutes post-event networking. Light refreshments, registration, and business-related items to distribute are forthcoming.

Craig Lesley

Chair of Ann Arbor SCORE



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