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YCC Luncheon on Thursday, June 22 @ 12-1:30 pm

Past-Present-Future Clean up Efforts for the Great Lakes: polluting the water through our industrial past, monitoring and managing various water quality parameters, and positive outcomes for people and wildlife in the Central Region

Lunch is $45, you do not need to be a member of YCC to attend. Detroit LS long running science café series, called Brewing Chemistry, invites passionate people to speak monthly at various locations (or virtually) to educate both members and non-members and chemists and non-chemists, to show that science is fun and accessible to all. That chemistry is brewing all around us. One of our recent and well-attended topics was by Erin Parker. We are excited that she will return to us to present along CERM's theme to a larger audience.

Erin Parker

Eastern District Interpretive Services Supervisor of Michigan Metroparks


Erin Parker is a former high school science teacher who maintains teaching licenses in Michigan and Wisconsin. She supports conservation and education. Her education outreach includes Detroit Zoological Society's Birdwatching for Beginners series, Detroit LS's YCC science café, Brewing Chemistry on March 2021, Beyond DDT: Pesticides, Pollinators, and Population Declines, October 2020 Nocturnal Animals of Belle Isle through Detroit Audubon, and program coordinator for Michigan Master Naturalist: Huron Clinton Region program in partnership with Michigan State University Extension.

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